I’ve got a job!

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I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve got a job; I am now a full time website developer!

After being in the job a month, I have learnt so much more about developing websites and web based systems; enough in fact that I am currently redeveloping gg-sim to be mobile friendly and display some prettiness!

I have an aim to redevelop ldir to be more useful depending on how people wish to implement it. This will mean that the function will have some major changes but I will also develop a wrapper for it so it can function like before if people have utilised it but with to update.

PHP SNMP Functions

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As part of a project, I have utilised PHPs SNMP functions and after some testing, I have found that SNMPWalk is considerably slower than multiple SNMPGet.

I was aiming to retrieve 6 Objects from a MIB; the device being polled was attached via a 100mbps network link.
I decided to run SNMPGet within a loop to retrieve each Object from the specified OID’s.
As these OID’s were within the same tree, I then thought about using walk as this would consolidate the data into a single request. I then walked the tree to get the same result.

I subsequently tested the time it took to retrieve this information via microtime().
As a result, you can retrieve 1 walk containing 6 OID’s within the same time as requesting 18 OIDs via get.

I hope this helps someone whom is looking to speed up their SNMP requests.

Batch Scripts and Sleep

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Every now and then I want to make my batch scripts pause or wait for x amount of time. Most solutions seem to utilise ping to make it wait as natively Windows doesn’t include a sleep or wait feature and pause only accepts a user input.

Here comes the timeout command!

user@computer:$ TIMEOUT /NOBREAK /T 10 >NUL

will make your scripts wait for 10 seconds and display no output, without the >NUL it will display a countdown.


Debian Squeeze and Wine 1.4RC

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Download the .debs for Mepis 8 from this repo; remember to download wine-1.4~rc. and wine-dev-1.4~rc…

also it’s a good idea to grab winetricks while you’re at it, the newest version off the site should work. Just follow the instructions.

This is taken from a previous post.



giffgaff font Museo

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Just a quickie; the giffgaff font, is called Museo and is partially available for free including the web font!