Terminal Clock

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Checkout this Linux Terminal Clock: tty-clock


Screen shot of tty-clock

Try it out, its pretty sexy in a geeky way.

You can have it in 24h/12h, there’s a choice of colours, centred, bouncing or left align.

Install it with these commands…

user@computer:$ wget --no-check-certificate https://github.com/xorg62/tty-clock/tarball/master
tar -zxvf xorg62-tty-clock-a82fd71.tar.gz
cd xorg62-tty-clock-a82fd71
make && make install

job done!

Recent Devlopments

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I have spent a few hours tweaking the wordpress template (yes it’s common!) as it wasn’t quite doing what I wanted and the code wasn’t W3C Valid; it is now!

Try and Validate me!

PHP File Lister

I have been slowly working on this file lister and will re-release it once its in a state I’m happy to release it, when I do, I will remove previous versions as this one will contain a lot of fixes and be better coded. More news to come soon about that.

A fork in the code!

I have also forked this code off from v1.4.2 (unreleased) to start work on a proper PHP file manager but this is going slowly.

Check back soon for more developments!


PHP FileLister Update

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I have got around to tidying up my php file lister.

This version is slightly different from the one previously posted on the site, as it can just be plopped onto a site and work. It will pull the file icons and CSS from my server and you will have a pretty little file lister. I have an example over here, its slightly modified from the standard code but not much.

Changelog from v1.0 to v1.4:

  • Added PHP4 Support
  • Hidden filenames/types are checked more efficiently
  • index.php and robots.txt are now hidden by default
  • CaSe SenSitiVity errors fixed
  • Filetype icon case corrected
  • Copyright and Linkback re-added (was missed out in v1.0)
  • External icons, CSS and Favicon host are linked to
  • Some redundant code removed

either download the code or copy & paste it from this post.


<strong>Download:</strong> <a title="PHP File Lister Download" href="files/ldir/ldir-1.4.0.phps"><em>ldir-1.4.0.phps (<small>6kb</small>)</em></a>

Update: Subnet Calc

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I have improved the subnet calculator a bit (Original Post), it now gives you the wild card for the subnet mask which is used for EIGRP and ACLs etc.

It has helped me with VLSM and subnetting other than class C but it is primarily for Class C addresses.

<strong>Download:</strong> <a title="Excel Subnet Calc" href="/files/Subnet Calc.xlsx"><em>Subnet Calc.xlsx (<small>18.7kb</small>)</em></a>

Simple Class C Subnet Calculator

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I was doing a lot of subnetting (VLSM) within a full class C subnet so I made a simple spreadsheet.

It’s very very simple and if it doesn’t work then tough, it suited me.

<strong>Download:</strong> <a title="Excel Subnet Calc" href="/files/Subnet Calc.xlsx"><em>Subnet Calc.xlsx (<small>18.7kb</small>)</em></a>